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Activated carbon is a porous material and has large surface area and strong absorbility. It can be used for desulfurizaion, debenzolization, deodorization and decolourization. It can also be used in selective elimination of some chemical impurities in liquid or gas phase in the chemical oil and gas, metallurgical, water treatment and environmental protection industries as well as the daily life.



Features and Application 

Mode Major function Bulk density (g/ml) Water content % Strength
Specific absorption Application
ZT101 Desulfurization 0.45-0.50 ≤5 ≥90 S:≥800mg/g Desulfurization of natural gas and coal gas
ZT102 Solvent recovery 0.45-0.50 ≤5 ≥90 CCI4: ≥50%
C6H6: ≥35%
Recovery of organic solventlikeDesulfurization
of natural gas and coalgas
ZT103 Catalyst carrier 0.45-0.50 ≤5 ≥90 H2O: ≥66%
CCI4: ≥54%
C6H6: ≥450mg/g
Carrier of antichlor and catalyst
ZT104 Water purification 0.45-0.50 ≤5 ≥85 I2: ≥1000:mg/g
C6H5OH: ≥450mg/g

Purification of drinking

water and industrial water

ZT105 Gas purification 0.45-0.50 ≤5 ≥90 I2: ≥700:mg/g
C6H6: ≥450mg/g

Purification,separation of gas

ZT106 Prevention of taxicant 0.45-0.50 ≤5 ≥85 Protecting time
C6H6: ≥40min
C2H4Cl2: ≥25min

Industry respirator

ZT107 Effluent recovery 0.45-0.50 ≤5 ≥85 Pb+Zn: ≥0.015mg/g
H2O: ≥65%

Purification and recovery of electrolytic and electropating solution

ZT108 Liguor refining       Decolour abilityI2: ≥1000mg/g

Decolourization and deodo rization in medical,food,oil and fats,brewing and saccharin etc.

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